Business Before/After Hours

Would you like to Host a Business Before/After Hours?

A Business After Hours (BAH) is a great opportunity to showcase your business and provides a casual networking environment for the Onslow business community and key stakeholders.

What’s involved in hosting a BAH:

  • You can choose a suitable date to host, as long as it doesn’t clash with anything else
  • You will be required to organise a venue – we highly recommend hosting at your own premise, as a great way for people to get a feel of your business
  • OCCI will provide a marketing flyer to be used and will also support in marketing the event
  • You will be required to organise some food and drinks – some of the best BAH have been a sausage sizzle and drinks in an esky (doesn’t have to be fancy)
  • A short presentation from yourself so attendees can hear all about your business, what you have been up to and what you have coming up


As you can see there's not an awful lot involved in hosting a BAH’s but a fantastic casual environment for great business conversation.

So now we are chasing OCCI members who might like to host a BAH’s in the second half of this year – if this is you or you would like to ask some questions about hosting please let us know.

Also keep in mind you can always co-host with another OCCI member if that better suits you or even host a Business BEFORE Hours over a coffee and breakfast.

If you are interested in hosting a Business Before/After Hours, please contact me direct at