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Published on Monday, 20 April 2020 at 9:00:00 AM

Pilbara Volunteer Hub is reaching out to organisations in the Pilbara that are providing support for our community during this COVID-19 crises, that already engage with volunteers, or are willing to do so. Volunteering WA have created a portal for volunteers to register to assist organisations.  https://emergency.volunteer.org.au/ Volunteers have begun registering through the portal, and Volunteering WA will help assist organisations to fill their volunteer needs via this list of volunteers. At this stage there has been limited advertising of this website in the Pilbara while we establish a list of organisations that can take volunteers. 


I am trying to identify the organisations in the Pilbara that have the capacity to take on volunteers to provide support for our community, and in what kind of roles. Our aim is to ensure that volunteers are linked to organisations with appropriate insurance and policy/procedures in place to ensure volunteers are protected. 


For those volunteer-involving organisations that can no longer operate as normal, we are encouraging a review of outstanding projects or plans that are in the 'one day' basket. Here at Volunteering WA, we are getting a fantastic response from virtual volunteers across the country that are also isolated, working from home and have the skills to assist with things like website design or upgrade, grant writing, strategic planning etc. Organisations can advertise for these roles when they are members of Volunteering WA (membership in the Pilbara is free). 


Any organisation wishing to further discuss these opportunities are welcome to contact me.


Kind Regards


Kelly Nunn

Coordinator - Pilbara Volunteer Hub 
E: kelly@volunteeringwa.org.au T: 0417 909 438

Please note that I work part-time.

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