Pilbara Galvanising Plant Project

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 January 2019 at 8:20:12 AM

Pilbara Galvanising Plant Project

Marnda Advanced Coatings is currently progressing through the feasibility stage of a Project to bring Common User Galvanising Capability to the Pilbara for the first time. Galvanising is a key component of any successful and mature Manufacturing Supply Chain and the lack of this service has hampered the growth of manufacturing in the region. This in turn drives up costs and decreases the competitiveness of the Pilbara as a manufacturing destination at a State, National & Global level. 


As a Pilbara locally owned and driven project, we hope to change this dynamic, create long term local jobs and enable manufacturing to flourish in the Pilbara. Early modelling suggests that this plant could create up to 220 additional long term local jobs and contribute up to $220 million GDP growth at a local level. 


In order to successfully design and plan this plant however, we need to collect and analyse detailed supply chain data. This will help to optimise the design and ensure the capability profile is a good fit to the needs of industry. 


We have prepared a short survey in an attempt to collect this data and to connect with all of our stakeholders in the region. If you would be an end user of this service as part of your supply chain, are interested in project updates, have any concerns or would be interested in investment opportunities when they arise then we ask you to please complete this survey and share it with any of your contacts who may have interest. 


KPMG will be reviewing and assessing this confidentially collected data as part of the project assessment and it will be invaluable in ensuring the plant is able to facilitate sustainable growth in our region. 




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