Leadership Enrichment Masterclass 2019

Posted on: Monday, 14 January 2019 at 3:43:13 PM

Are you ready to enrich your leadership skills in 2019?

Focus HR Consulting Service a launching a brand new Leadership Enrichment Masterclass Series commencing in February 2019.  

Designed for Executives, Business Owners and Board Members, the program is built on the psychology behind the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) accredited tools to build strong and more resilient leaders.

Placements will be capped at a maximum of 10 participants and will be by application only to ensure the calibre and integrity of the group.  

What is MBTI? 

MBTI is the most widely used personality tool in the world and enables participants to enhance their understanding of themselves, their motivations, natural strengths and potential areas for growth and apply this understanding to their leadership style and workplace.  

What’s included in the program?

Each participant will receive:

  1. *A manual covering off on each session;

  2. *An MBTI Interpretive Report with a highly personalised narrative and graphics to understand both Step I and Step II of the complete MBTI tool;

  3. *MBTI Booklets and support tools;

  4. *The opportunity to interact and engage with other local professionals as a Masterclass group;

  5. *Leadership Coaching and enrichment to support the understanding and utilisation of your MBTI profile.

What level of commitment will be required?

This program will span across a 10 month period and will require participants to invest in their professional and personal growth by:

  • *Attending 1 session per month;

  • *Completing assigned homework tasks and additional learning opportunities;

  • *Engaging in a Facebook Masterclass Group

What will the program cover?

 Sessions will run from 9am to 12pm as per the following agenda (dates may be subject to change):

  • 26th February              Welcome – Meet & Greet

  • 26th March                   Introduction to MBTI Type

  • 30th April                     Understanding your MBTI

  • 28th May                      Compelling Conversations – Developing your communication style through MBTI

  • 25th June                      Embracing Change using MBTI

  • 30th July                       Impactful Influencing – Harnessing the power of MBTI

  • 27th August                  Conflict Management

  • 24th September            Improving Decision Making

  • 29th October                Stress Management

  • 26th November             Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

What is the investment?

 The total investment for the 10 month program is $3,500.00.

 Broken down, that's just $350.00 per month!

Where can I sign up?

 To secure your spot, simply follow the link below and complete the application form.


For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on hayley@focushrconsulting.com.au 


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